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Long-Term Rental of cars and commercials vehicles

Do You have the P.IVA for at least a year? Are you a freelancer or a company? Do you have a car or you have to manage a fleet? 

Try us Long Term Rental of cars and commercial vehicles, the formula without thinking and with substantial savings which will allow you to avoid the unnecessary tying up capital by abolishing the financial exposure of banks and insurance companies. 
The long-term rental is the real alternative to ownership and leasing, particularly convenient and practical. Allows the customer to take advantage of a new vehicle and always responsive to their needs, avoiding the risks and unexpected costs related to the management of the car and its devaluation. 
The services included are various: 
- Full coverage insurance (RCA - limitation of liability for damage, theft and fire - accident coverage driver PAI); 
- Property tax 
- Order management and delivery of the vehicle 
- Roadside Assistance 
- Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance 
- Claims management 
- Replacement tires 
The rental fee is fixed, predetermined calculated according to the following criteria: 
             - Duration of the contract from 24 to 60 months 
             - Estimated driving mileage 
             - Make, model, optional vehicle chosen 
             - Extra services such as: replacement cars, snow tires 
We are agents for one of the leading companies in the Long-term rental and fleet management company with a fleet of over 110,000 vehicles in Italy. This partnership was created to meet the needs of corporate customers, consolidating the relationship of trust by ensuring the constant support of a dedicated team of which you can always rely on every request or problem. The excellent results gained and the positive feedback received from customers led us to invest more resources in this area. 
By hiring long-term customer benefits are many: 
- The monthly fee is fixed for the duration of the contract, tailored to their spending power with the possibility of an advance payment; 
- The rental company is responsible for financing the purchase of the vehicle chosen, without any kind of limitation on the make, model and equipment; 
- Always new and safe car 
- From delivery of the new vehicle, the customer can have the car until the expiration of the contract, taking advantage of all the services included, having guaranteed safe driving, and getting rid of all the administrative and bureaucratic as well as related concerns the devaluation of the car and its resale; 
- A program of timely assistance with routine maintenance and repairs, and replacement tires through a network of around 10,000 service centers affiliated, distributed throughout the Italian territory; 
- Insurance coverage and roadside assistance; 
- The customer will get rid of burdensome management activities related to the payment of property taxes, fines or claims management and resale of the vehicle. 
- Deductibility of costs 
- Savings compared to leasing and financing 
- A dedicated expert advisor able to assess and manage any issues